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As requested. Showing some love. You guys have a great blog we Are expecting some Hot reunion photos
..her 😘

When Sarge says to send in your submissions, these guys never need to be told twice! They know how to follow orders! ;) LOL. #kisses - HH6

A quick note from Sarge

I hope everyone is enjoying the blog. As you’ve noticed, HH6 is running the show while I’m away on business. I think she’s doing great, and I love seeing what she chooses to reblog. It’s always nice to get a visual representation of what turns her on. It’s ALWAYS a good thing when you learn more about your significant other, and I hope HH6 feels like she can use this venue to be open and honest about what she thinks is sexy, funny…our what she wants to try when I get back ;) hint, hint…lol.
So…that being said, show her some love, send her your submissions, suck up so maybe she will make your blog her “favorite of the day”. Personally, I just think HH6 should spend all day posting sexy selfies!
Stay strong friends, Sarge, out.

I love you baby. .. LOL
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